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About Us

McManus Window Cleaning, is a small window cleaning business based in Greenock, Scotland. We have over a decade of experience, servicing close to 800 homes and business every month within Greenock and Gourock.

Five reasons to choose us

  1. All our staff are licensed, insured and crb checked.
  2. We do not use ‘self employed sub contractors’, our staff are correctly employed by us.
  3. We have been servicing homes and business for over a decade, so you know your property is in safe hands.
  4. We have a number of convenient payment options, including our online payment system.
  5. We use a sophisticated IT system which allows us to make real time updates to customer accounts while on site.

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Online Payment System

When we are unable to collect payment in person, our customers can pay for their service through our online payment system. Managed by paypal, our online payment system is a safe and secure way to pay your service charge. To find our more, select ‘make a payment’ from the menu at the top.

Water Fed Pole

As well as using traditional (squeegee and applicator) methods to clean our customers windows, we also use water fed pole technology which allows us to safety clean many windows that would be otherwise be too awkward or too high to clean. The system uses purified water, to scrub and rinse dirt from your windows. This is a less aggressive method of cleaning, however is preferred by many larger commercial properties, due to the improved health and safety.

Responsible employer

Our staff are trained and employed by us. They have; guaranteed contracted hours, paid holidays, a company pension, and every other legal entitlement they should get as an employee. Window cleaning is unfortunately an industry, not uncommonly regarded as part of the ‘gig’ economy. Where employees are ‘self employed’, being paid commission only with no guaranteed hours, or employee entitlements, for instance holiday pay. We are different. We are a responsible employer, that is committed to providing fair employment terms for our staff.