You may notice your window cleaner using a Water Fed Pole to clean your windows. Below you will find more information about this method of cleaning.


What is a Water Fed Pole

A WFP is a tool used to clean windows using purified water. Windows are scrubbed and rinsed with purified water using a specialised pole, then left to dry naturally.


Pure water

Water from your tap has disolved solids in it, in some areas of the country more than 200PPM(Parts Per Million). The water used with Water Fed Pole systems is pure H20 with no disolved solids. Which unlike tap water will evaporate naturally leaving your glass gleaming.


Improving your service

Your windows will be cleaned more thoughly by cleaning the glass, frames and sills. Using a WFP will also improve safety by reducing the risk of an accident, and potential damage to your property.


Safely reaching windows

Today’s modern properties present new challanges for window cleaners. From new surfaces which are not suitable for ladders, to structural obstacles which makes reaching windows difficult. With WFP systems these new callanges are safely overcome.


If you would like to know about how purified water cleans windows you can learn more here.