You will see the name ‘water fed pole’ mentioned throughout our website. Not sure what it is? Let me explain a little further.

First things first, the name suggest your windows will be cleaned with plain old water. This is not the case. Water fed pole systems, use purified water. The difference? Tap water from your house(Scotland), will have a TDS reading of around 80PPM(parts per million) of dissolved solids in the water. If you were to wash your windows with plain old tap water. Those 80PPM would cause spotting on the glass. As the H20 would evaporate, leaving behind the impurities in the water on your glass. If you have ever rinsed your car off with the garden hose after washing it, you will have seen what I am describing. All the impurities in the water, leaves behind dirty residue. So you have to buff your car dry.

With purified water, this doesn’t happen. Any dirt on your glass gets rinsed off, and the pure water left behind, is left to evaporate. Leaving your windows spot and streak free.

As the water in Scotland is fairly clean. Actually it is one of the cleanest in the world. We only use a DI(De-ionisation) vessel filled with Tulsion resin. In other areas, for instance in England, further purification processes are required, called RO (reverse omnosis), as there water readings are often greater than 200PPM.

Cleaning windows with a water fed pole is a less aggressive cleaning process than traditional methods, and wont remove more stubborn compacted residue, but will still produces good results. Providing a much safer option, than traditional methods. In most cases this allows us to safely clean some customers, we would not normally be able to without these systems.