Info for new customers

Thank you for choosing us.

We are very happy you have chosen McManus Window Cleaning to maintain your properties windows, and we would like to say thank you.

Please take a moment to read this document, which covers useful information about our service.

What to expect

Cleaning cycle

We will come by once every 4 to 5 weeks. At times we can be a few days late depending on the weather.

Method of cleaning

Your windows will be cleaned using traditional window cleaning methods (squeegee and applicator).

Your glass will be scrubbed with soapy water using an applicator, then the soapy water will be removed using a squeegee, finally the edges of the glass will then be detailed using a scrim.

Paying your service charge

Your service charge can be paid by Direct Debit. To setup a direct debit mandate visit our website, or ask your window cleaner.

Direct Debit

Once you have complete the DD registration, we will add you to our schedule, and you will be notified when we have cleaned your windows. Payments are processed in 3 to 5 working days. You won’t be charged until your windows have been cleaned.

Staff holidays

You will receive a txt message, if we expect your service to be delayed more than a week. This is usually only due to staff holidays.

We also close for two weeks over the festive period to accommodate staff holidays.

Working on your property

Leaving Access

Your booking may have to be cancelled If there is anything obstructing access your windows or if we are unable to access your property.

Locked Gates

If you have any locked gates, we can arrange and cover the cost of having a key cut.

locked gate snib latch


Try to avoid storing items directly under windows, or on access paths. Contact us ahead of time, if you have any work being carried out on your property, and we may be able to re-schedule.

Keeping a safe distance

To protect you, your children and pets, we ask that a safe distance is kept from your window cleaner while they are working on your property

About us

Licensed and insured

All our staff are licensed by Inverclyde Council who ensure we have the appropriate insurance in place and carry out criminal records checks on our staff.

You can request sight of our window cleaner licences, as well as a copy of our public liability insurance from us at any time.

Policy information

Outstanding payments

Accounts with two consecutive outstanding payments are placed on temporary hold until payment has been received. This gives our customers up to 3 months to settle any outstanding payments, before there account would be placed on hold.

Cancelling a booking or you service

Bookings are due 28 days from your last clean. We ask that customers give 48 hours notice before cancelling a booking or their service.

Other Useful Info

Contacting Us

For enquires relating to your window cleaning service we can be contacted by:


38 Grant St, Greenock, PA15 2BP


01475 793121

We are often out during the day, however we will return your call in the evening.


Using our contact form on our contact page.

We generally reply to emails within the hour.

Connect with us

You can connect with us on;

Twitter: @m_window_cleaning

Instagram: @mcmanus_window_cleaning

Or visit our blog for the lattest news and anouncements at: