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Before you make a payment

We ask that our customers only pay using this method when they have received an invoice from us.

We will attempt to collect payment during the day when we are servicing your property. If you are out, we will call one evening that week between 6-8pm.

If we have been unable to collect payment in person, we will then post an invoice detailing the amount outstanding, which can be paid online or by cheque.

If paying in person is not suitable and you would prefer to pay electronically each month, you can pay by direct debit.

PayPal (Mobile Phone App)

If you pay using Paypal through our website and have the Paypal app on your mobile phone, you will see a feature which allows you to pay someone who you sent money to previously. We advise our customers not to use this feature and only make payments to us through the ‘pay now’ link (above). Our Website is fully tested and updated regularly, however the PayPal app stores old account information in your phone which may no longer be correct.