To pay make a payment to your account, please click the ‘Pay Now’ button above.

Please note:

If your out during the day when we clean your windows, we will post a ‘we called today’ slip, just to let you know we will be back to collect payment. If we miss you in the evening when we call back, we will then post an invoice asking you to pay via one of our alternative payment methods(i.e. our online payment system).

From time to time, our customers familiar with our online payment option, will see the ‘we called today slip’, and pay straight away through our website, before we have had a chance to call back to collect payment. Which is absolutely fine. However we can take up to 7 days to process payments through our website. Which means if you pay before being invoiced, we will still call in the evening, as your online payment will not have been processed.

Additional Help

Once you have clicked the pay now button. you will be taken to a form where you can enter the amount you wish to pay.

Click where is says ‘Price per item’ and enter the amount you wish to pay. Then click continue. Any amount you pay will be credited to you account, so you can pay in advance, or pay for multiple bookings at once. If you have received an invoice and just wish to settle the outstanding amount, enter the amount noted on the invoice.

Click ‘Continue’.

At the login screen you have two options. You can use your paypal account to pay your bill, by entering in your paypal email and password, then clicking login. Or you can pay using your debit or credit card by clicking the grey button, at the bottom.

Please note, if you are using your paypal account, please make sure your address is correct within your paypal profile. Its this address we get from paypal to match the payment to your account with us. So if you have moved house and not updated your information with paypal, we may not be able to match the payment to an account, and the payment will be reversed.


Go Cardless

This is a feature we are currently trailing, we will give you more information about this payment option, once we have completed our trial of this service.