For other window cleaners

If your a local window cleaner near to us or are thinking about starting up, and want some incite into our business, we are happy to share if it helps you in any way.

How we get business

The main method we use to advertise our service is flyers. However we also get allot of business from our website, and general word of mouth.

My best advice for any newbies would be to register your business with google. Then get a website once your up and running. This has had far more traction for us that social media.

For flyers we design our own in house, and use vista print.


We buy most of our equipment from window cleaning warehouse. Almost all of our work is done traditionally, using mainly unger and moreman tools.


For payroll we use sage one. We use open office for our sales sheets, and cleaner planner for managing our customer data.

Always happy to chat

If you are just starting out and are looking for some friendly advice from someone local we are always happy to chat and help if we can.

We are continually updating this article, more to come.