Monthly Cleaning Cycle

Your windows will be maintained on a monthly basis, every 4 to 5 weeks. If we expect to be more than a week late, we will send you a txt message giving you advanced notice. This is generally only due to staff holidays, or prolonged severe weather conditions.


Evening Collection Service

If you are out during the day when we call, we will return one evening that week between 6 and 8pm. If we are unable to collect payment in person, you can pay your service charge by cheque or online.


Assigned window cleaner

You will be assigned a specific window cleaner who will take care of your account. This will ensure you are familiar with who is working on your property, and who calls to collect payment in the evening. All of our staff are also uniformed and carry ID.

This protects you from door to door scams, and improves safety by ensuring our staff are familiar with any potential hazards on the properties they are working on.


Cleaner planner

Your account will be updated in real time at your door using a mobile app called cleaner planner.

By using this software; the risk of clerical errors are significantly reduced, the personal information we hold is secure, and our environmental impact is reduced as we are not printing off paper worksheets.


Method of cleaning

Your windows will be cleaned to a high standard using traditional methods (squeegee and applicator). When access using ladders are not suitable, we can use extention poles to carry out the work.


Weather disruption

To ensure you receive a reliable window cleaning service, our staff work on a flexible basis, persevere in mild conditions and will work over the weekend during prolonged spells of bad weather.