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Should you clean windows when its raining?

Should you clean windows when its raining?

Myth or fact?

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, ‘You should’t clean windows when its raining’. I have also heard ‘you shouldn’t clean windows when its sunny’. We maintain the cleanliness of our customers windows year round, and although they will get a little build up of dirt between cleans, they certainly wont get significantly dirty, rain or shine.

I can see where this myth comes from, so its not completely false. However its certainly not a waste of time cleaning windows when its raining. Its a well proven fact that having a clean and tidy environment can have many positive effects on your health and mood.

One day of rain won’t replace a month’s worth of dirt

I love the look of freshly cleaned windows, it can really brighten up a room. However those sparkling windows wont stay that way.

Once your windows have been cleaned, how long they will stay clean, will depend on quite a few factors including the rain, winds, time of year, the height of your windows, how close they are to busy traffic and various other factors.

I have cleaned windows professionally for close to two decades, and in my experience rain won’t make any noticeable impact on the cleanliness of your windows, and in most cases it will be a good month before you notice any build up of dirt on your glass. One day of rain won’t replace a months worth of dirt.

Where does this myth come from?

We seldom get weather bad enough, but a really bad spell of torrential rain, battering against your homes windows, could cause a very light build up of dirt. You would have to look quite closely to see it, and its certainly not going to be as bad as the months worth of dirt that has just been washed off.

Holding off for a dry day won’t keep them cleaner for longer, it will just let them get dirtier, and with the weather we get in the West of Scotland, you could be waiting a while. They wont stay clean forever, but regular window cleaning rain or shine, will help maintain the clean appearance of your home.