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Our tip for cleaning shower doors

Our tip for cleaning shower doors

Shower doors can get quite badly marked with hard water stains over time. So we thought we would share our secret weapon for detailing with tough marks on glass. This method will also work well for other tough residue left on glass, and is our go to method for detailing with any glue or silicone left on glass by window fitters.

Step 1

Soak up the glass with thick soapy water. A squirt of fairy liquid straight on to a damp scourer pad will work well.

Step 2

Buff the glass with Grade #0000 ultrafine steel wool. Aka our secret weapon. Make sure its grade #0000 you use. This is designed for polishing glass. You can buy it in most hardware stores, Screwfix is where we purchase ours.

Step 3

Wipe off the soap left over with a cloth, and clean the glass as you normally would. You can use a spray bottle of glass cleaner with a good microfiber cloth.

Gleaming glass doors

As with all cleaning this method may not remove everything, but as you can see it can make a massive difference to hard water stains on glass shower doors. I hope you find our cleaning tip useful.