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Social distancing and safety measures

Social distancing and safety measures

Resuming service

Now that we have had time to assess our situation and take the necessary precautions, we are resuming service with some changes to help protect our customers and staff.

We recommend that our customers use our direct debit system

By using our direct debit system, we will not have to make any attempt to collect payment in person, and this allows us to provide our service to you without any close contact.

Social Distancing

We ask that customers follow social distancing guidelines, while we are working on your property, keeping a distance of at least 6ft from our staff.

Paying Cash

Your window cleaner will be wearing PPE(Gloves and Mask), and will step back to a safe distance when collecting payment in person at your door.

Payment can be left on the door step to maintain social distancing.

Please only leave payment outside, when our staff are present, and don’t leave payment in an insecure location for our staff to collect at a later date.

Internal work

For the time being we will not be carrying out any internal work. Any customers affected by this will be contacted.


Although we are recommencing our service, we estimate that it will take five weeks to work through our list of accounts due. This means that for many, it still may be a few weeks before your next clean.

Protecting our customers and staff

Isolated workers

Our staff work independently from each other, with a separate vehicle for each member of staff.


All our systems are paperless, and our staff download and upload worksheets to and from their mobile device.

PPE & Hygiene

Our staff are provided with PPE equipment and our vehicles and equipment are cleaned at the end of each day.

Reducing Contact

Having separate vehicles, a paperless system to manage data, and encouraging the use of our direct debit system, we are able to operate with very limited contact, from both colleagues and customers.

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