Water Fed Pole Explained

Purified water

Tap water from your house(Scotland), will have a TDS reading upwards of 80PPM(parts per million) of dissolved solids in the water. If you were to spray your windows with plain tap water, those disolved solids would would be left behind as the H20 evaporates, causing spotting on the glass. However with purified water this doesn’t happen, as those impurities in the water have been removed using a water filtration system called RO(Reverse Omnosis) and or DI(Deionisation).


Use in the window cleaning industry

WFP(Water Fed Pole) technology has been used in the window cleaning for some 20+ years. When first introduced WFP systems were mainly used in the cleaning of large commercial buildings. Since then its use has increased and it is now often used for cleaning smaller domestic properties. With several innovative improvements to the technology, for instance purpose built extension poles, electric hose reels, and many suppliers who can supply and fit manufactured systems, they have become a viable alternative to traditional window cleaning methods using ladders.


Water Fed Pole cleaning

Cleaning windows using a WFP allows the operator to quickly and safely clean the whole window including the glass, frames and sills.

Although WFP cleaning is a less agressive cleaning process than traditional methods, scrub pad atachments can be use to detail any sturborn compacted residue.

Due to the frames being thoughly scrubbed and rinsed during this process, areas of the window including vents are cleaned to a higher standard than would normally be delivered using tradittional methods.