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Improved database system

Improved database system

You may have noticed that our staff no longer use paper worksheets, and instead mark jobs off using a mobile device. Last year we invested a new software system for managing our customers data, which we have been trialling over the last few months. This new system allows our window cleaners to update our customers account there and then, as a posed to processing the data from worksheets at the end of the week. This new system eliminates the risk of clerical errors when updating our customers accounts, and saves a significant amount of time. As well as being a more efficient system, it also allows us to integrate with a number of useful systems.

Working to keep you informed

As a small business which serves a large number of customers, it can be challenging keeping in good contact with all our customers. Though the year we have to take time off, and can be running behind as a result. When we know we are going to be noticeably late to our customers, we want to keep our customers informed.

Our new system allows us to sent a  txt message to all our customers, notifying them when we will be running later than usual. This should only be on the rare occasion we expected to run more than a week late. To ensure that all our customers receives these notifications, we will be working to update account details throughout January and February.


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