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New Direct Debit System

New Direct Debit System

Direct Debit (GoCardless)

We have recently implemented a new direct debit system, powered by Go Cardless. This system integrates with our system (Cleaner Planner), allowing our customers to pay for their service by Direct Debit.

What is Go Cardless?

Go Cardless is a company that processes DD (direct debit) payments. They are one of the largest DD processing companies in the UK. Serving 30,000 UK business and organisations including HM Government.

What is a direct debit?

Unlike a standing order which comes off at the same date each month, a direct debit can be a one off or recurring payment. This means that with direct debit our customers will only be billed once their windows have been cleaned.

The main advantages to direct debit

  • Our customers don’t have to worry about having cash at home.
  • No one will call at their door at night to collect payment.
  • Our customers don’t have to send cheques or remember to pay online when we have unable to collect payment in person.
  • With DD (Direct Debit) customers don’t have to worry about their account running on to hold if they forget to pay a few months.
  • Our Go Cardless DD system, records payments on our system automatically. Eliminating the risk of clerical errors.

Want to know more?

Below is a link to our ‘Go Cardless Information’ page, which will give you a little more information about this service, and answer some FAQs.

Go Cardless FAQs

You can also visit Go Cardless to learn more about their service.

Go Cardless Website

How do I sign up?

All you have to do, is click the button  called ‘setup direct debit‘ on the navigation menu at the top of the page, then enter your details.

If you need a little help completing the registration, you can visit our ‘Go Cardless help page‘.

Or if you would prefer we can complete the setup for you the next time we call to clean your windows.






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