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Our new website

Our new website

If you have had to do a double take, to ensure you have visited the correct website. Don’t worry, you are in the right place. We have recently redesigned our website, something that has been overdue for some time. We were unable to make the regular updates that we would have liked, to our old website. So we have switched to a platform called WordPress, which not only allows us to quickly edit pages and add nice new photos to our website, but post articles to our blog, keeping our customer better informed.

Whats New

Below is short summary of some the features of our new website, to help you find your way around.

Paying for your service

We have a ‘Make a payment’ link at the top of our website. On this page you will find the familiar ‘Pay Now’ button. Along with a new article detailing some useful information, and instructions to aid customers who are using our online payment system for the first time.

Our Blog

We feel it is important to keep our customers as informed as possible. Previously we used a twitter feed to do this. However we feel a dedicated blog on our website would be a more appropriate platform for this. Now you can find useful information, including changes to our policies, service, or holiday closure dates here.

Mobile Friendly

Our previous website was designed over 5 years ago, at a time when mobile devices where just not that big a thing, when it came to how often websites are viewed on them. Now there use seems to be ever growing. I know I personally spend more time browsing the web on my mobile phone, that I do on my desktop machine. So with this in mind, we have chosen to switch to WordPress. The theme that we use, can transition perfectly between, desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Meaning, with little effort our customers can easily navigate our site, and pay for there service straight through there mobile phone, as well as there desktop computer.


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